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Professional Overview
- Short CV [PDF, 2 pages]
- Long CV [PDF, 10 pages]


CoCollage CoCollage: a situated social computing application designed to cultivate community in cafés, coffee houses and other third places by bringing the richness of online social media into physical community spaces. The place-based micro social networking system shows photos and quotes uploaded to a web site by patrons and staff on a large computer display in the café, providing a new channel for awareness, interactions and relationships among people there.
C3Collage The Context, Content and Community (C3) Collage: a proactive display< application designed to enhance awareness, interactions and relationships among co-workers by creating a window into personal social media in the physical workplace. The system senses nearby people via Bluetooth phones, and responds by incrementally adding photos associated with those people to a dynamic ambient collage shown on a large LCD touch-screen computer.
ProactiveDisplays Proactive Displays & The Experience UbiComp Project (AutoSpeakerID, Ticket2Talk, Neighborhood Window): a suite of three applications running on large displays designed to enhance the awareness and interactions among conference attendees in three different contexts at a conference (UbiComp 2003). The applications use RFID tags and readers to show contextually relevant - and interesting - information about attendees near the displays.
UbiquitousPeripheralDisplays Ubiquitous Peripheral Displays (UniCast, OutCast, GroupCast): three applications for showing information about nearby peoples' interests on peripheral displays in different workplace contexts: inside an office, outside an office and in a common area. The applications use an infrared badge system to determine who is nearby, and customize the information displayed based on those present.
VisualLocationAwarenessTools Visual Location Awareness Tools (PocketWatch, ActiveMap, EventManager): a suite of tools for creating greater awareness of the location and activities of colleagues within a workgroup, to provide more opportunities for semi-serendipitous informal communication. The applications use an infrared badge system, a network of webcams, and a variety of interfaces for acessing the information.
MusicFX MusicFX: a fitness center smart environment that knows who is working out, what they like to listen to, and dynamically adjusts the music to best suit the group of exercisers at any given time. An early example of a group recommender system, designed to please most people most of the time.